Conservas Braseadas Güeyu Mar. Tienda online conservas Güeyumar

Abel Álvarez jugando con fuego. Tienda Conservas Braseadas Güeyu Mar
Silueta de Asturias. Tienda Conservas Braseadas Güeyu Mar

Güeyu Mar chargrilled canned foods

When the basis of a project is its passion, it is unlikely to go unnoticed. And behind this project, there is a hungry man. Hunger to do something hitherto unseen. Hunger to reinvent the canning world and change the perception of “eating from tins”.

This is how Abel Álvarez, from his restaurant Güeyumar in Playa de Vega, hit upon the idea of playing with fire.

Literally. The finest seafood are chargrilled, using products of the highest quality which are then canned. A complex and painstaking process, full of searches for marine treasures, patiently awaiting capture before joining the aromas of birch woods, beech, oak and eucalyptus and oils of heavenly textures.

From the grill to the canned, an entire 100% homemade gourmet experience comes into being. Conservas Güeyu Mar’s canned products are created only to satisfy the palates eager for new and creative gastronomic approaches.

Silueta de peces. Tienda Conservas Braseadas Güeyu Mar

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